About Us

Boulder Creek Landscape Construction (BCLC), Northwest Washington’s superior Landscape Design, Landscape Construction and Landscape Maintenance provider. Travis Powell, the owner, and founder of Boulder Creek brings a unique and very artistic approach to each project undertaken. Officially launching in 2010, Travis brings more than 20 years of experience in all three facets of the business; design and consultations, build/ construction and maintenance services. Travis personally trains and instructs each foreman on his crews to ensure they understand the quality and expectations needed to meet the Boulder Creek Landscape Construction Standard. BCLC operates all throughout Western Washington (and beyond) depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Yes, Northwest Washington is home but traveling east of the Cascade Mountains to Lake Chelan or Wenatchee are not out of the norm for BCLC. Catching a Ferry to Friday Harbor? Also, a common occurrence for BCLC. Trust in design expertise, spot on landscape construction and the knowledge and skills to educate home-owners on maintenance of their plants and product following construction.

BCLC is also C.E.S.C.L Certified which is Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Lead, this certification allows BCLC to undertake jobs and projects in which expert knowledge and skill relating to planning and designing stormwater-related projects are needed by the Department of Ecology. Read more about this certification here


Boulder Creek Landscape Construction
Travis Powell, Owner & Operator