The BCLCmt-baker-heading-iconStandard


This is where we start at BCLC. An onsite consult, followed up by our design services to create the plans and designs that meet not only the BCLC Standard but your vision as well! See what sets us apart, start the process today.


This is the meat and potatoes of BCLC. Bringing the design to life in the form of full-service landscape construction. BCLC is a licensed General Contractor in Washington State; we have the skills, equipment, and experience needed.


Following the completion of any landscape project, it is now time to maintain! Whether BCLC has designed and  constructed  your project or you are just in need of a maintenance provider, place your trust in BCLC to deliver.

Ourmt-baker-heading-iconArea Of Operation

BCLC proudly services all of Western Washington and beyond. Northwest Washington is home but traveling South of King County and East of the Cascade Mountains is not out of the norm. BCLC prides itself on providing services to the hard to reach places as well. Islands, ferry travel, no problem!

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